Company Leadership and Board Composition

Culture of Responsible Governance 

In conducting business, we believe in holding ourselves to high standards of ethics and integrity, supported by regular, transparent communication with stakeholders. Under the guidance of experienced leadership, we know that responsible governance is foundational to our operational excellence.

We are committed to positioning Superior Energy as a sustainable company. With that commitment comes a thoughtful corporate governance framework that drives accountability, supported by ethics and integrity. Our commitment to our stakeholders, as well as to our global communities, is tied to our Shared Core Values, consistent decision-making, and a resolution to always do the right thing.

Board of Directors

During 2023, Superior Energy was led by a seven-member Board of Directors, providing extensive expertise in areas including oil & gas, oilfield services and financial disciplines.

Company Leadership

Superior Energy’s leadership team understands the importance of cohesion and trust. With proven experience and deep expertise, they endeavor to set an example for the brands we oversee.

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Building a Sustainable Future

Superior Energy’s 2023 Sustainability Report reflects our guiding principles and details our ongoing commitments, progress, and benchmarks.

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