Environmental Health and Safety Management

Commitment to Minimizing Our Impact

Our drive toward sustainable operations is embedded in our Shared Core Values — specifically, in our Global HSEQ Expectations, which is essential to mitigating environmental impact. Seeking always to evolve our ESG endeavors, we also focus on assessing and managing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Superior is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and protecting the environment through monitoring pollution and spill prevention, waste management, and recycling.

Evaluating Our Operations

Superior Energy’s integrated HSEQ approach, which includes Global HSEQ Expectations and HSEQ Management Systems for each business unit’s operations, represents our commitment to achieving and maintaining high HSEQ performance standards. Previously in this report, we addressed the human health and safety measures we take to protect people. Here, we share our efforts to protect the environment.

Resource Management 

As a critical part of Superior Energy’s HSEQ program, we focus on managing and minimizing our impact on the environment by evaluating our:

  • Air pollution prevention measures
  • Carbon emissions calculations
  • Raw materials usage 
  • Waste management processes
  • Water and energy efficiencies

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Waste Management Policy 

Superior Energy has formal procedures and policies in place designed to help that all waste generated at our locations is managed according to applicable regulations and recognized industry best practices.

Following the steps for waste management:

  • Alternatives
    Find practical alternatives for hazardous materials that may be utilized at various company facilities, and optimizing their use when there is no substitute
  • Prevention
    Focus on preventing pollution or contamination from occurring in the first place, rather than treating it or cleaning it up after the fact
  • Reduction
    Work to reduce the volume of waste generated at our operating facilities

We also analyze how various waste is generated at each facility, evaluate types and amounts, and seek ways to minimize it when new operations are planned and designed.

Building a Sustainable Future

Superior Energy’s 2023 Sustainability Report reflects our guiding principles and details our ongoing commitments, progress, and benchmarks.

Download the Report

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