Letter from
the CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

I’m pleased to share Superior Energy’s first Sustainability Report. We have made it a priority to gather the information required for the development of an ESG strategy and program. This Report is a result of that process, demonstrating our ongoing commitments, progress and benchmarks. But more significantly, it is an extension of the guiding principles that have been in place at Superior Energy for more than a decade. Across our global operations, we focus on sustainability through the lens of our company’s Shared Core Values – Integrity, Respect, Safety, Fair Play, and Citizenship.

For our stakeholders, we strive to deliver value. One way we do this is by being good stewards of resources, particularly, financial resources, human resources and environmental resources, which are the essence of ESG. Our objective is to achieve positive financial results while contributing to the world in a meaningful way, which includes being fair in our dealings with customers, suppliers, and employees.
When it comes to our business and processes, we take a disciplined approach. Committed to operational excellence, we strive to protect our employees and ensure they have a safe work environment — one in which teamwork thrives. Our commitment to safety is nothing new at Superior Energy. Continually reinforced, it’s a foundational value in our culture of well-being and I am extremely proud of our commitment to this core value.

Over the past 150 years, energy has transformed and significantly improved society, and we at Superior Energy are proud of the part we have played in that history. To continue our contribution moving forward, it is critical that we examine our environmental impact and make tangible, measurable progress on our strategic objectives. Such progress includes our recent third-party materiality assessment to evaluate material topics and the commissioning of a GHG Footprint to establish a baseline for our carbon emissions.

A highway surrounded by beautiful trees

“Across our global operations, we focus on sustainability
through the lens of our company’s Shared Core Values –
Integrity, Respect, Safety, Fair Play, and Citizenship.”

Brian Moore
President and Chief Executive Officer

Recent Progress Validates Our Successful Strategy

In 2023, our strategic focus included retaining high-quality corporate staff and rewarding our employees for consistent, outstanding performance. We also maintained alignment with our key goals: to offer employment that contributes to the economy, to provide goods and services to our customers, and to generate a return for stakeholders. Our positive performance in 2023 validates our strategy. At the same time, we have met and overcome challenges and surpassed expectations in terms of both safety and service delivery. I am proud of the dedicated teams who made it happen.

Responsible Business Practices

In the oil field products and service business, long-term success demands responsible energy production. Regardless of its position in the global supply chain, a company must consider ESG as a fundamental part of operations. Stakeholders routinely ask about it — specifically how we deliver results in a sustainable, impactful way. This first Sustainability Report shares information about Superior Energy’s commitment to sustainability excellence. It helps point the way to achieving our ESG goals while also providing guidance for our customers, suppliers, and business partners. 

Sustainability as a Business Principle 

At Superior Energy, sustainability is embedded in our values and commitment to operational discipline, which have laid the foundation for our ESG approach, enabling us to confidently move forward to meet tomorrow’s expectations. Responsible governance and accurate reporting help us ensure progress and success. And ultimately, to help us be good stewards of all resources. 

Thank you for your interest in our efforts.


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Brian Moore
President and Chief Executive Officer

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