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A Dedicated Focus on Reliable Support

A company with global reach and financial prudence, Superior Energy provides oilfield products and services while maintaining standards of safety and sustainability. From a corporate standpoint, we drive true value to each of our brands, in alignment with our enterprise-wide Shared Core Values. We focus on empowering and supporting our diverse collection of premier brands to deliver Superior results. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

At Superior, our mission is to ensure that oil & gas producers have the highly specialized solutions to promote safety, profitability, and sustainability globally. We move fast—providing everything from drilling equipment rentals to oilfield services—through our diverse portfolio of brands, which we support with comprehensive administrative, legal, human resource, logistic, and regulatory expertise,

Our vision is to continue this path of supporting our high-performing portfolio, pursuing our goal of strategically maintaining solid financial leverage by narrowing our geographic focus to markets in which we have a competitive advantage, to achieve compelling profitability through financial discipline, leadership, and agile deployment of resources.

Our Shared Core Values of Integrity, Respect, Safety, Fair Play, and Citizenship resonate throughout our brands, setting the standard for how we treat our customers, our communities, and ourselves.

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Committed to the Core: Our Shared Core Values

We embrace our Shared Core Values, focusing on the belief that how we run our business contributes to our overall success. These values equate to our success. They set us apart as a fair employer, a trusted business partner, and a good corporate citizen. Our five values guide our actions and set the standard for how we conduct business.

Our Shared Core Values include: Integrity, Respect, Safety, Fair Play, and Citizenship. These form the framework for our company’s Code of Conduct and apply to all directors, officers, employees, and business partners. Our Code of Conduct is publicly available to download on our website.

Commitment to Sustainability

Superior Energy, along with our portfolio of global brands, is building a sustainable future through our commitment to ESG set forth in the Report, which is an extension of our Shared Core Values. For our company and our brands, we are dedicated to ESG progress, as well as to helping our customers, suppliers, and business partners achieve their respective ESG goals.

We strive to:

  • Be good environmental stewards, safe and responsible operators, and productive neighbors in the communities where we live and work. 
  • Continue to identify opportunities to grow and improve our ESG endeavors for the benefit of our stakeholders. 
  • Align and coordinate our processes with an established framework of accountability, operational excellence, and safety.

We operate in a constantly changing industry and global landscape. To ensure our success, we will remain nimble and innovative. Through the efforts of Superior Energy’s dedicated leadership and determined employees, we will continue to identify opportunities to grow and improve our ESG impacts for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Superior Energy at-a-Glance

Superior Energy’s portfolio of global companies provides highly specialized solutions for maintaining safety, efficiency, profitability, and compliance. Through our Superior rental and well servicing brands, we provide customers with robust inventory, expedient delivery, engineered solutions, and consulting services.

Rental Businesses

Extensive suite of high-quality inventory including premium tubulars and highly specialized downhole tools and accessories, plus trusted engineering advisors for project planning.

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Well Service Brands

Specialized solutions for drilling, production, completion, and decommissioning.

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