GHG Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Accounting  

In January 2023, Superior Energy partnered with a third party to create a baseline inventory of our greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions. 

Top three priorities for our GHG Footprint included:

  • GHG Footprint Review, Scope 1+2: Testing and refining data collection to ensure it is accurate and auditable 
  • GHG Inventory Management Plan: Process and controls to ensure a consistent and repeatable process year-by-year
  • Disclose results: Ensure transparency by including results in our 2023 Sustainability Report

GHG Emission (tonnes CO2e)

Scope 2023 Emmissions (MT CO2e)
Scope 1 Emmissions 16,007
Scope 2 Emmissions 15,474
Scope 1+2 Emmissions 31,481

Clouds over the ocean

Building a Sustainable Future

Superior Energy’s 2023 Sustainability Report reflects our guiding principles and details our ongoing commitments, progress, and benchmarks.

Download the Report

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